Level Design Primer

Part 0: Introduction

Part 1: The Challenge

Part 2: Fitting Challenges to Mechanics

Part 3: Obstacles and Player Choice
    Additional Reading
Design Musings: Hang on to Your Ego

Part 4: Mental Obstacles
    Additional Reading
Design Musings:  Mechanic Puzzles vs. Narrative Puzzles

Part 5: Pacing Challenges
Additional Reading
Design Musings:  When to Start Level Design 

Part 6: Planning Levels

Part 7: Non-linear Level Design 

Part 8:  Gating and Implicit Linearity

Part 9:  Navigation Through Non-Linear Levels
Additional Reading
Design Musings: Guidance and Exploration
Design Musings:  Getting Lost in Games

Part 10: The Revenge of Planning Out Levels 

Part 11: Designing Around Failure

Part 12:  Hubs and Shortcuts

Part 13:  Level Geometry

Part 14:  Rules of Composition

 Part 15: Naturalism

Part 16: Environmental Storytelling

Part 17: Tension and Release

Part 18: Emergent Objectives

 Part 19: Familiar and Unfamiliar Space

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