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Generations ago, your people fled inside a temple and went into hiding from the Iron Soldiers. Now, a splinter tribe seems to have brought back this ancient evil. You are sent to investigate.

Sunday Update 2-7-16: Canyons

Remembered in the fading minutes of Sunday that I still hadn’t written the update for this week.  And so, here it is.  This week, the main thing I worked on was a Canyon level for Cold Vengeance.  The main defining feature of this level is that running through the center is a pit with a raging river at the bottom.  So the action takes place on ledges and arches crisscrossing the canyon.  Naturally, this lends itself to verticality, with some parts of the level having multiple tiers of ledges.

Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.08.46 Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.08.44 Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.07.52 Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.07.26I also got my Cutscene Scripting code working in Cold Vengeance.

ColdVengeanceCutsceneMeanwhile, for Famed Explorer, I’ve mostly been working on tweaking and polishing what I have so far before making another batch of levels.  I changed the way that shooting works so that, in addition to being able to lock on to enemies, you can also hold down the fire button to strafe while you shoot:


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Sunday Update 1-31-16: Village People

Once again, a lot of the work I did for Cold Vengeance I want to keep under my hat this week.  However, I will talk a bit about NPCs.

In a few areas of the game, there will be safe zones containing NPCs.  These NPCs may give you items, information, or just bring a bit of life to a world overrun by death.

Here’s some residents of a village of survivors in the Ruins:


Meanwhile, in Famed Explorer of the Robot World, I’ve been mainly working on new enemy types.  I’ve gotten into a pretty good flow with that game, and hope to have some sort of build done by the end of February (but don’t hold me to that).

All in all, it’s been a good month.  It’s been nice to get back to working on smaller projects along side a moderately sized project like Cold Vengeance (Unlike the last couple years where I was working on moderately sized projects along side a massive project).



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Sunday Update 1-24-16: Famed Explorer

Work continues on Cold Vengeance, but it’s mostly stuff that I want to keep as a surprise (a mid-game miniboss and an hidden optional miniboss).

So instead I’ll talk about Famed Explorer of the Robot World

This week I started a DevLog over on the TIGSource forums.  If you want to see more frequent updates, you can check that out here:

I’ve been working on enemy designs and level layouts.  It’s been something of an interesting divergence from my normal level-design workflow where I usually start with enemies/obstacles and then build levels around them.  In this case, there’s enough to work off of just designing level geometry that is interesting to navigate.  Then, in parallel, I’ve been designing enemies that can take advantage of different types of geometry that show up in the levels (enemies for open areas, enemies for attacking over gaps, enemies for ramps, enemies for long, thin pathways, ect…).  I’m sure, though, that as I create more enemies, it will begin to switch and I’ll start designing levels with specific enemies in mind.

RobotWorld7 RobotWorld4-Alec

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Sunday Update 1-17-16: Greenlight with a Vengeance

First and foremost, this week I put Cold Vengeance up on Steam Greenlight, and released a trailer, so if you haven’t already, please head to the Greenlight page and vote for Cold Vengeance.

Meanwhile, I have been continuing to work both on Cold Vengeance and on the Prototype which I’m currently planning on calling Famed Explorer of the Robot World (Those of you who regularly follow my games [all three of you] might know what one of those words entails).  I sketched out ideas for a bunch of enemies and have started adding them into the game to give me material to work with while making levels.  More on this next week.

Aside from the trailer, the main thing I’ve been doing with Cold Vengeance is continuing to work on the ruins, particularly the multi-tiered areas.  Here’s a overview image of one of the areas after the jump (note, contains mild gameplay spoilers):

More ->

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Sunday Update (On Monday) 1-11-16: Trailing Behind

And, of course, the second update of the year is also the first late update of the year.

I’ve been continuing to work on the prototype that I mentioned last week.  I think it’s really come together.  It’s now at a point where I can start fleshing it out with more enemies and levels.


Meanwhile, in Cold Vengeance, I worked on the city ruins area.  I added models for multi-floor ruins.  Just like the previous ruins models, these are all modular, so I can tile them together in Unity.

Cold Vengeance Verticality1I’ve also begun working on a trailer for the game which should be up within the next week.

– Alec




RIP David Bowie

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Sunday Update 1-3-16: A New Year

I took a couple of weeks off from doing these updates because the holidays, and a couple weeks before that because I forgot.  But, it’s a new year, so back to trying to write a thing every week, especially because I want to talk about what my plans are for this year.

Last year was really a year of transition for me.  Dropping a project that I had been working on for over a year to focus on more manageable projects, finishing my last Flashpunk based project and moving fully over to Unity, focusing more on 3D, and getting Venusian Vengeance onto Steam all contributed to this.  A lot of what I did last year was in order to give myself a foundation for this year, and now I intend to build on that foundation.

In addition to working on Cold Vengeance, my goal for the year is to get back to the sort of rapid development I did before starting Bandits and Bounties.  I have a ton of concepts for small-to-medium sized games that I plan to work on, and with the base code I put together last year, I should be able to quickly prototype ideas.  We might even see the return of some familiar faces…

The first one of those I’ve already started.  I’ve been wanting to do something with a camera inspired by the one in Captain Toad, where you can freely rotate the camera around the entire stage.  I’ve already got the basics of the game up and running, and plan to have a prototype done by the end of this coming week, at which point it will mostly be a matter of adding more enemies and levels.


And, of course, I’ve been continuing to work on Cold Vengeance.  I started the year off by working on a set piece which was one of the first areas of the game I had planned.  I wanted the first city level to end in a park with a little bridge that enemies would attack you from.

ColdVengeanceParkTumblrI’m very excited about this year, and I think I have a lot of great stuff in store for you all.  This is going to be fun!


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Sunday Update #10: Plus c’est la meme chose…

Once again forgot last week’s post, so here’s a double-week wrap-up.

I’ve been spending most of my time working on my base code.  I’ve been learning how to extend the unity editor.  I started simple with a button that adds waypoints to make it easier to make enemy patrol routes.  I also made it so there’s a dotted line between waypoints.


I’ve also been working on dialogue and cutscene editors.

Meanwhile, work continues on Cold Vengeance.

I started working on a new environment, which is a desert.  I also added a way for enemies to be airdropped into the level.


I’ve also been working on a mysterious foe who may very well be Sgt. Dagger’s most dangerous rival.  Here’s a sneak peak:

Screenshot 2015-11-19 10.15.42

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Sunday Update #9: Flying Teacup

This week has been mostly spent working on my base code.  Just a bunch of bits and pieces that will be useful eventually.  I added a shop interface system (something I never had in the old base code) and code for push blocks.  The latter turned out to be more difficult in Unity than I expected since I have to work with and around unity’s physics system, but after a few days, I finally got it working.

I’ve also been continuing to work on Minibosses for Cold Vengeance.  The fun thing about both Unity and working with 3D models is it’s fairly easy to quickly prototype enemies in a very modular way.  This miniboss went from concept to playable over the course of about a couple hours.


I’ve also been tweaking how melee enemies work, specifically the Barbarians.  Becauase of how the game works, It would be frustrating to the player if enemies could attack from the back or the sides (since the player can’t aim behind themselves).  Before, barbarians would charge at the player, and if they didn’t hit, just kind of run past.  Now they’ll back up and try to get back in front of the player before charging again.

Meanwhile, Ben’s been hard at work creating concept art for further minibosses.

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Sunday Update #8: A Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear

So, I missed last week’s update because of Indiecade, so this update is going to cover two weeks.

First up, I had a design meeting with Ben to brainstorm minibosses for Cold Vengeance.  Now that there’s a mechanic to lock the player into a certain area, there’s a lot more we can do to create interesting combat encounters.  Here are some images from that design session:


Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some more stuff for my base code.  Working on dialogue, the inventory system, basic objects like ladders and pushable blocks, and also a 3D Map screen:


And, to close, I also worked on some explosion effects for Cold Vengeance


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Sunday Update #7: Occupy Space Released

So, first up, a playable build of Occupy Space is now available to play for free on


This week was spent doing a fair amount of planning.  Planning for Cold Vengeance, and how I want to change the level design based on the movement stoppers (the answer is minibosses.  More on that next week…).  Also planning for my base code to better facilitate me quickly starting new projects.

I’ve also started working on a new environment for Cold Vengeance.  It’s based on the Pacific Coast Highway, and will be used for a motorcycle level.

Screenshot 2015-10-16 13.29.16

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