Venusian Vengeance

Venusian Vengeance now available in-browser as a free episodic series

You can find the first episode here:

You can also still buy the full game if you want to play without ads and out of your browser.

What is this Venusian Vengeance thing and why do I want it?

(Scroll down for free demo)

What is Venusian Vengeance you may ask?  Venusian Vengeance is a retro-style top-down run’n’gun.  It takes place in an alternate history where the Communists won the space race and colonized Venus.  You are sent by the Americans to infiltrate their secret laboratory on Venus to uncover and sabotage their plans for a new super-weapon.

Price reduced from $7.49 to $3.99 USD.

You can buy it on Desura:
##SITENAME## Digital Distribution

Or >buy it Direct<

Contains Windows and Mac versions, requires Adobe Air
(if you ordered before it became available on Desura, email me at to get a Desura activation code).

Alright, but who are you?

I’m Alec Stamos, known in some parts as Malec2b.  I make the games you see at this fine emporium.  I’ve released many games for free in the past, and you can play them here.  All of the games here were made on my own, or with the help of a very small team (usually comprising of one artist).  I work independently so that I can make the sort of games that I’m interested in, the sort of games I’d like to play.

Yes, But how does it Look?

How does it look, my friend?  Well here’s how it looks:

Still images are all well and good, but how does it look in motion?

I’m glad you asked, good sir!

Well, that’s great and all, but this is a game.  How does it play?

Well, my ol’ chap, I’ve gone and embedded a demo in this very page for you to try it out for yourself.

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Great Caesar’s Ghost!  What was that purchase link again?


You can buy it on Desura:
##SITENAME## Digital Distribution


Or >buy it Direct<

Contains Windows and Mac versions, requires Adobe Air

The soundtrack is also available from Bandcamp