Vampire Jetpack

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Mouse/Up/Space – Thrust

The Vampire Jetpack runs on the energy of the person riding in it. Pick up new riders to replenish your energy. This will also allow your riders to fight the alien invasion. Different riders have different weapons that they will use to fight the aliens.

5 Responses to Vampire Jetpack

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  2. flipswitchx says:

    what really annoys me is there’s no invincible time and why. why would there be a guy who can do absolutely nothing. running into aliens with him should at least give you points.

  3. flipswitchx says:

    its like so what if he has more time, you cant get any points with him and that’s the point no? If you got minimal points for distance then that would give him a valid strategy.

    • admin says:

      The point of that character is as a sort of last resort if you’re low on energy and need to pick someone up to survive. If you’re fine on energy, avoid him and wait for the next guy. If you’re running low on energy, he can keep you going until you find a character you actually want.

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