Pay What You Want for Treasure of the Abandoned City

Treasure of the Abandoned City, the new installment of the Tales of the Renegade Sector episodic series, is now available.

Featuring art by the talented Todd Luke, the new episode follows The Captain in his continuing quest for Laserbeard’s Treasures.  This journey takes him to the gates of an Ancient Abandoned City.  However, getting the treasure won’t be easy.  The city gates are sealed and the city surrounded by malevolent stone golems.  In his quest, the Captain will uncover the treacherous history of the city, and discover how it became abandoned.

You can pay what you want (minimum $1) for an ad-free standalone version (note: requires Adobe Air to install) of the game which contains the soundtrack as well as a map of the game’s over-world and some of Todd Luke’s concept art.

If you don’t want to pay any money for the game, you can also play an ad-supported in-browser version  >here<

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