Welcome to Tales of the Renegade Sector.  Tales of the Renegade Sector is an episodic series of action-adventure games.  It is also a banner under which I release many other games.

In the Renegade Sector Episodic Series, you play as Space Pirate Captain McCallery as he explores across the lawless regions of space in search of treasure and adventure.

I’ve tried to make most of the episodes stand on their own, so that you can pick up at any point and not be too confused.  All you really have to know is that The Captain has a crew consisting of weaponmaster Mark Two-Blasters, a mystic in search of scientific knowledge named Saerl Lumlyviir, and a sarcastic robot who acts as pilot and repairman.

If you’re just getting started I would recommend going with Revenge of the Laser Gang.  It is the first of the current series of episodes, and I designed it as a good jumping-on point.  The episodes before this were short weekly installments, and at this point I started spending more time on each episode to make them longer and more polished.

After that, I’d recommend Castle of the Insect King, which I feel marked a fairly large step up in terms of design and style.

Delve into an ancient castle in search of one of Laserbeard's treasures.


If you want to go all the way back to the beginning, you can play the three downloadable Adventures of Space Captain McCallery games.  These are downloadable (Windows Only, sorry) games which told the story of the Captain putting together his current crew.

The Captain's crew has mutinied and left him on an alien world.The Captain must search for his old weaponmaster on a planet of prehistoric monstersExplore a mysterious planet for a way to get inside a Turquoise Temple.

The third Captain McCallery game leads right into the early weekly episodes, with the story being picked back up in the first volume of Tales of the Renegade Sector.  Note that these are very short and not very polished episodes.  You can move between them with webcomic-style navigation at the top of each page.

Mark Two-Blasters fights the Laser Gang while The Captain gets lost. 5 Parts.The Captain investigates missing villagers on an alien world


I also release many other games which aren’t part of the Episodic Series.  You can play some of my favorites here:

Generations ago, your people fled inside a temple and went into hiding from the Iron Soldiers. Now, a splinter tribe seems to have brought back this ancient evil. You are sent to investigate.

I also have a larger game available for sale here:


Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Tales of the Renegade Sector.

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