Ninja the Explorer

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Arrow Keys – Move
C – Sword
Hold C – Charge Dash Attack
Space – Start/Map
M – Mute

You are a ninja on a strange island. You start at the South-East corner, and must make your way to the North-West corner to challenge a god. You can leave rooms by the North or West, but not by the South or East, meaning you must choose one path among many to reach your goal, and you cannot see all of the island in one playthrough.

Use your trusty sword to make your way across the island to face your foe. Also collect coins for Ultimate Ninja Bragging Rights and to unlock new areas.

3 Responses to Ninja the Explorer

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  2. .sj says:

    Interesting Game. Love the Chiptunes!

    • flipswitchx says:

      love the many areas and different enemies. those directional blades are devious.
      the music is nice, but it should be a true loop. the pause is jarring.
      also i think you should be able to stab stab stab.

      I get that its oldschool hard caus the stab is straight up down left right directions even when enemies can be at your diagonals but even in zelda 1 you could stab fast.

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