Space Captain McCallery Episode 2: The Weaponmaster

This is episode two of my episodic game series “Space Captain McCallery.”  It is a top-down action-adventure/shooter.  Episode 2 has much more of a focus on exploration than episode 1, and is quite a deal longer. In it, you play as a space pirate who is in search of a great weaponmaster, his former teammate Mark Two-Blasters, who resides on a planet of prehistoric monsters.  The game is a top-down action adventure game.  The game is $5 USD. FREE! The game is for

Windows only


  • Top-Down Action Adventure Game
  • Hidden Secrets to Discover
  • Challenge Mode Options including No Save mode and Hunger system
  • Hallucinogenic Plants



And you can download the first episode for free here:

The game is now freeware, but if you want to be a generally cool individual and give me money for it, you can donate here:

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