Space Captain McCallery Ep. 3: The Turquoise Temple

The Captain returns in the new Space Captain McCallery Episode wherein he travels to a wondrous world filled with rogue robots and tries to gain entrance to the Turquoise Temple.  New features include higher resolution graphics, more hallucination effects and diagonal shooting.

Space Captain McCallery is a series of pulp-style Sci-Fi top-down action-adventure games where you play as a Space Pirate Captain exploring alien worlds, searching for treasure, and occasionally hallucinating from ingesting alien plant-life.


Also, the first to episodes are available here:
Episode 1
Episode 2

[Arrow Keys] – Move
[Z] – Jump
[X] – select/Aim in place
[C] – Shoot, hold to strafe and shoot
[Shift] – Open item menu

Windows only


  • Top-Down Action Adventure Game
  • Hidden Secrets to Discover
  • Challenge Mode Options including No Save mode and Hunger system
  • Hallucinogenic Plants

The game is now freeware, but if you want to be a generally cool individual and give me money for it, you can donate here:

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