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Dadaists Gone Wild 2


This was to be the sequel to Dadaists Gone Wild, but I abandoned the project.  It was already a pretty substantial size when I abandoned it (probably at least the length of the first game) so I decided to release it here.

Strange Route

Two illusionists battle in a surreal world.  Made in unity with a team for the Global Game Jam.  Multiplayer only.Find Here

Turn Based SHMUP

This is a small Turn Based game based of arcade style Shoot ‘em Ups.Instructions are in game.Download

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Any Enemy You Like

This is a small freeware game I made in a couple days. It’s a vertical SHMUP with a twist. You must summon enemies to fight. Summon more and more difficult enemies to get a higher score. You have 1 minute to try to get the highest score you can.You can download it here.You can also find it’s GameJolt page here.

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Onwards Jetpack

Play as a series of people flying on a speeding jetpack fighting aliens.Download

Your Sensibilities are Useless Here

This is a new freeware game I designed. It is loosely based on the
Ambidexterity prototype which I made a while back. It also has a lot of
flashy colors.downloadBlog Post

Charge the Lasers!

You Must Destroy the 5 enemy motherships.  You can only damage the motherships with your superlasers.  You can charge up your superlaser by shooting the small attack ships with your standard lasers.  You have two laser batteries (found at the bottom of the screen) which correspond to the left and right lasers.  Fill one up with one color to use the superlaser If you get a mismatched color, the battery empties.download (Current Version: 1.55)Blog Post

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    The Gift Of Clarity is amazing! Thanks for making it.

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