Tales of the Renegade Sector Adventure List

Each adventure has a (mostly) self-contained story arc, generally made up of multiple individual episodes.

  The earlier adventures of The Captain.  These are three self-contained downloadable adventures:  Crash Landing, The Weaponmaster, and The Turquoise Temple Part 1 (which leads directly in to the Turquoise Temple storyline)
   The first story arc of Tales of the Renegade Sector.  The Captain’s gone missing on an alien planet, and Mark Two-Blasters is left to find him.  Contains 4 episodes (plus text introduction)Start Here
The Captain has gotten a distress call from a peaceful forest village on an alien world.  Villagers have gone missing, and something sinister lays underground.Start Here
The Captain battles the Laser Gang on a desert planet while searching for the treasure maps of Captain Laserbead Start Here