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Episodic Series

Tales of the Renegade Sector Season 2

The Captain searches for Laserbeard's treasure on a jungle planet.Delve into an ancient castle in search of one of Laserbeard's treasures.

Tales of the Renegade Sector Season 1

Mark Two-Blasters fights the Laser Gang while The Captain gets lost. 5 Parts.The Captain investigates missing villagers on an alien world

The Adventures of Space Captain McCallery (Windows only)

The Captain's crew has mutinied and left him on an alien world.The Captain must search for his old weaponmaster on a planet of prehistoric monstersExplore a mysterious planet for a way to get inside a Turquoise Temple.


Generations ago, your people fled inside a temple and went into hiding from the Iron Soldiers. Now, a splinter tribe seems to have brought back this ancient evil. You are sent to investigate.Run 'n' Gun your way to Canada


SHMUP based on creating combos by destroying enemies with the shrapnel from other enemies.


A Turn Based twist on the SHMUP genreA Ninja must challenge the gods to seek forgivenessStrange things happenExplore a dark caveA man who can't trust his perceptions must fight horrors.

I’m currently in the process of adding more games to this page.  To see more of my games, you can visit my old game page here:

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