Flight of the Data-Thief


Mouse – Steer/Shoot

M – Mute

Space – Pause

You play as a Data-Thief: a skilled pilot who can fly into a corporate facility, grab their data, and then fly out again.  Getting the data is a cakewalk.  It’s escaping back to your mothership that’s the challenge.  The whole planet is on high-alert and the corporation’s private army is on your tail.  You’ll have to speed across a variety of alien environments while fighting off your pursuers if you want to see safety.

Standalone Version:

Pay what you want for the Standalone version.  The standalone version contains a few improvements over the web version, including gamepad support, a save/load feature, and fullscreen mode.

Note: The standalone has one save-slot which saves at the beginning of each level.  If you quit mid-game, you can start again at the last level you played.

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One Response to Flight of the Data-Thief

  1. Sean says:

    Great game! I noticed that you pause the game and then fire, the bullets load but don’t move yet.

    Keep up the good work!

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