Cold Vengeance

cvtitleWhat is Cold Vengeance!?

screenshot-2016-05-31-20-07-11Cold Vengeance is a 3D run ‘n’ gun action game.  It’s a followup to my 2012 Top-Down run ‘n’ gun action game Venusian Vengeance.  It’s got low-poly 3D graphics inspired by late 90s console games.  The game brings arcadey run ‘n’ gun action into the third dimension!

The game has been Greenlit and will be coming soon to Steam.


coldvengeanceforest2In the year 200X, the National Hell party took rose to power in the Great White North. Their leader, Arnold Camp, declared himself Supreme Minister. He disbanded the mounties, and put the country under military control. Four months later, we lost contact with Alaska. Rumors spread that National Hell had made an under-the-table alliance with the mysterious Ninja Empire.

The president traveled north personally to negotiate with The Supreme Minister. However, he was detained in Canada, while National Hell launched a nuclear onslaught on all major America cities. Canadian soldiers, members of the Ninja Empire, and an army of robots led by the Four Heads of the Canadian Military began swarming over the border to clean up the scraps.

Jon Dagger, hero of the Venus Incident, has been called out of retirement. Along with deceased soviet scientist who uploaded his consciousness into Dagger’s brain, he will have to fight through the ruins of America to the Great White North in order to defeat Supreme Minister Camp. On the way, he will fight enemy soldiers, giant robots, ninjas, post-apocalyptic barbarians, and mind-controlled gorillas.


Half way between a rail-shooter and a third person shooter, Cold Vengeance is a unique run ‘n’ gun experience.  The game goes for a very arcade-style feel.  You are always facing forward, and enemies emerge from the front.  However, the game isn’t completely on-rails, as you can move freely.  Many levels also have multiple paths.  There are also a number of powerups which can be combined to improve your weapon.  There may also be a secret powerup that unlocks knew potential in how you traverse the game’s levels.


My name is Alec Stamos, and I’m responsible for most of the development of this game.  Concept art and portrait art is provided by my good friend Ben K. Evans.

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Press Inquiries

If you are a member of the games press and would like a preview build of the game, as well as future updates, send inquiries to malec2b [at] gmail [dot] com.








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