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Down with Features!

There are three disciplines that maintain a strong influence over the medium of Videogames: Art, Technology and Business.  Videogames are a commercial, technology driven, art form.  If you’re in the field of games, it’s hard to think about one of … Continue reading

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Rant: XCOM and the State of AAA

I absolutely love watching interviews with the team at Firaxis who made the new XCOM.  These guys get it.  They not only get what made the original XCOM so great, but they know what makes their own game work so … Continue reading

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Opinion: Do We Really Need a Half Life 3?

Half Life 3 is probably the longest anticipated game since Duke Nukem Forever. The internets are constantly ablaze with people asking when Valve is going to get off their asses and make Half Life 3 already. But I’m gonna be … Continue reading

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