Update 4-17-16: Back with a Vengeance

It was a few weeks off (almost two months!) from doing these, as I got out of the habit what with getting Ninja Outbreak ready for its Steam release (available now!).  But now the Sunday Updates are back!  And on Sunday!

I’ve put Famed Explorer of the Robot World on the backburner for the moment, and I’ve been focusing on Cold Vengeance for the past couple weeks.  My current hope is to have some sort of rough but mostly content-complete build done by the end of next month.  In the mean time, here are some screenshots of some of what I’ve been working on:

Here’s an overview shot of a section of the Canadian Snowfields level.


I’ve also been going through and adding a bit more detail to the locations in the city level.  Here’s a Diner that you’ll fight through:


And here’s a robotic T. Rex


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