Sunday Update 2-7-16: Canyons

Remembered in the fading minutes of Sunday that I still hadn’t written the update for this week.  And so, here it is.  This week, the main thing I worked on was a Canyon level for Cold Vengeance.  The main defining feature of this level is that running through the center is a pit with a raging river at the bottom.  So the action takes place on ledges and arches crisscrossing the canyon.  Naturally, this lends itself to verticality, with some parts of the level having multiple tiers of ledges.

Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.08.46 Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.08.44 Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.07.52 Screenshot 2016-02-05 10.07.26I also got my Cutscene Scripting code working in Cold Vengeance.

ColdVengeanceCutsceneMeanwhile, for Famed Explorer, I’ve mostly been working on tweaking and polishing what I have so far before making another batch of levels.  I changed the way that shooting works so that, in addition to being able to lock on to enemies, you can also hold down the fire button to strafe while you shoot:


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