Sunday Update 2-21-16: Burrow

So, probably the biggest news of the past week was that I released the Cold Vengeance Demo.  If you haven’t already, check it out here:

It contains a Demo-specific level which will not be in the final game.

ColdVengeanceDemoBut the Demo isn’t all I’ve done this week.  For Cold Vengeance, I’ve been doing a fair amount of modeling and animation.  Here are some examples of what I’ve been working on:

MotorcycleGuys Lumberjack

JonDaggerFace2As you can see, Jon Dagger now has a face (drawn courtesy of Ben)

In addition to all that, just today I added a second type of Ninja.

ColdVengeanceNinjaBurrowBurrowing Ninja are a hallmark of the kind of schlocky ninja movies I love such as Ninja: The Final Duel and Duel to the Death.  I’ve wanted to put them into a game for quite some time, but I never end up doing it.  They were in the design notes for the original Cold Vengeance flash game, as well as Venusian Vengeance and Ninja Outbreak.  I’m glad I’m finally getting them into a game.

Meanwhile, I’ve been continuing to work on Famed Explorer of the Robot World.  I’ve been polishing various things, such as making enemy projectiles look nicer.  I’ve also been doing some more level design, as well as playing around with making levels less boxy.  All in all, the game is starting to hit that point where it comes together and feels like an actual game.

FamedExplorerLarge FamedExplorerKnockback

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