Sunday Update 1-31-16: Village People

Once again, a lot of the work I did for Cold Vengeance I want to keep under my hat this week.  However, I will talk a bit about NPCs.

In a few areas of the game, there will be safe zones containing NPCs.  These NPCs may give you items, information, or just bring a bit of life to a world overrun by death.

Here’s some residents of a village of survivors in the Ruins:


Meanwhile, in Famed Explorer of the Robot World, I’ve been mainly working on new enemy types.  I’ve gotten into a pretty good flow with that game, and hope to have some sort of build done by the end of February (but don’t hold me to that).

All in all, it’s been a good month.  It’s been nice to get back to working on smaller projects along side a moderately sized project like Cold Vengeance (Unlike the last couple years where I was working on moderately sized projects along side a massive project).



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