Sunday Update 1-3-16: A New Year

I took a couple of weeks off from doing these updates because the holidays, and a couple weeks before that because I forgot.  But, it’s a new year, so back to trying to write a thing every week, especially because I want to talk about what my plans are for this year.

Last year was really a year of transition for me.  Dropping a project that I had been working on for over a year to focus on more manageable projects, finishing my last Flashpunk based project and moving fully over to Unity, focusing more on 3D, and getting Venusian Vengeance onto Steam all contributed to this.  A lot of what I did last year was in order to give myself a foundation for this year, and now I intend to build on that foundation.

In addition to working on Cold Vengeance, my goal for the year is to get back to the sort of rapid development I did before starting Bandits and Bounties.  I have a ton of concepts for small-to-medium sized games that I plan to work on, and with the base code I put together last year, I should be able to quickly prototype ideas.  We might even see the return of some familiar faces…

The first one of those I’ve already started.  I’ve been wanting to do something with a camera inspired by the one in Captain Toad, where you can freely rotate the camera around the entire stage.  I’ve already got the basics of the game up and running, and plan to have a prototype done by the end of this coming week, at which point it will mostly be a matter of adding more enemies and levels.


And, of course, I’ve been continuing to work on Cold Vengeance.  I started the year off by working on a set piece which was one of the first areas of the game I had planned.  I wanted the first city level to end in a park with a little bridge that enemies would attack you from.

ColdVengeanceParkTumblrI’m very excited about this year, and I think I have a lot of great stuff in store for you all.  This is going to be fun!


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