Sunday Update 1-24-16: Famed Explorer

Work continues on Cold Vengeance, but it’s mostly stuff that I want to keep as a surprise (a mid-game miniboss and an hidden optional miniboss).

So instead I’ll talk about Famed Explorer of the Robot World

This week I started a DevLog over on the TIGSource forums.  If you want to see more frequent updates, you can check that out here:

I’ve been working on enemy designs and level layouts.  It’s been something of an interesting divergence from my normal level-design workflow where I usually start with enemies/obstacles and then build levels around them.  In this case, there’s enough to work off of just designing level geometry that is interesting to navigate.  Then, in parallel, I’ve been designing enemies that can take advantage of different types of geometry that show up in the levels (enemies for open areas, enemies for attacking over gaps, enemies for ramps, enemies for long, thin pathways, ect…).  I’m sure, though, that as I create more enemies, it will begin to switch and I’ll start designing levels with specific enemies in mind.

RobotWorld7 RobotWorld4-Alec

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