Sunday Update 1-17-16: Greenlight with a Vengeance

First and foremost, this week I put Cold Vengeance up on Steam Greenlight, and released a trailer, so if you haven’t already, please head to the Greenlight page and vote for Cold Vengeance.

Meanwhile, I have been continuing to work both on Cold Vengeance and on the Prototype which I’m currently planning on calling Famed Explorer of the Robot World (Those of you who regularly follow my games [all three of you] might know what one of those words entails).  I sketched out ideas for a bunch of enemies and have started adding them into the game to give me material to work with while making levels.  More on this next week.

Aside from the trailer, the main thing I’ve been doing with Cold Vengeance is continuing to work on the ruins, particularly the multi-tiered areas.  Here’s a overview image of one of the areas after the jump (note, contains mild gameplay spoilers):


It’s got three tiers, with the player normally entering the area on the middle tier.  The middle tier has a number of gaps the player can fall through which leads them to the bottom tier (however, there is a staircase that can take them back up to the middle tier).  The middle tier has more of a focus on ranged enemies, where as the lower tier has a lot off melee enemies and close-ranged shotgun enemies.  There are also enemies on the middle tier throwing bombs down to the bottom tier.  The upper tier can only be reached with the jetpack, and only from a couple spots on the middle tier.  It is significantly harder than the other tiers, and has more gaps to fall down, but you get a bonus item if you make it through.

Also note those bridges near the half-way point take the player over a gap.  Basically, the player will have one of four potential encounters depending on which bridge they take.



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