Sunday Update #9: Flying Teacup

This week has been mostly spent working on my base code.  Just a bunch of bits and pieces that will be useful eventually.  I added a shop interface system (something I never had in the old base code) and code for push blocks.  The latter turned out to be more difficult in Unity than I expected since I have to work with and around unity’s physics system, but after a few days, I finally got it working.

I’ve also been continuing to work on Minibosses for Cold Vengeance.  The fun thing about both Unity and working with 3D models is it’s fairly easy to quickly prototype enemies in a very modular way.  This miniboss went from concept to playable over the course of about a couple hours.


I’ve also been tweaking how melee enemies work, specifically the Barbarians.  Becauase of how the game works, It would be frustrating to the player if enemies could attack from the back or the sides (since the player can’t aim behind themselves).  Before, barbarians would charge at the player, and if they didn’t hit, just kind of run past.  Now they’ll back up and try to get back in front of the player before charging again.

Meanwhile, Ben’s been hard at work creating concept art for further minibosses.

Currently Listening: Bananamour – Kevin Ayers

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