Sunday Update #6: Warning, Fight to Win

One of the main things I did in Venusian Vengeance is add a mechanic where you’ll occasionally be stopped from progressing and have to defeat all the enemies in the area to continue.  Not only does this give me better control of pacing encounters (like the stopped screens in Cold Vengeance) but it also gives me more freedom to include bosses and minibosses that I don’t want the player to just be able to run/fly past.

You’ll also notice in those images that I added a visual effect where you’ll see how many points you got from each enemy you kill.

Last week I mentioned I was working on a small game, and that I’d have something to show this week.  Well, I do.  The game is an arena shmup where, rather than destroy enemy ships, your projectiles disable their movement, which means each enemy you hit will stay on screen making your life more difficult.   The disabled enemies will also hurl insults and threats at you.  Expect a playable build some time next week.

Screenshot 2015-10-11 09.23.26


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