Sunday Update #5: Textures and Fog

Skipped the Sunday update last week, but at least this week’s update is actually on Sunday!

I’ve been working some more on the look of Cold Vengeance.  Learning more about how to texture models as I go.  I’ve also changed how the fog works from exponential to linear.  This allows me to more directly control the cutoff point (which is helpful since I only want the player to see enemies within combat range) and lets me set a starting point for the fog, so that colors aren’t as washed out.

Cold Vengeance 1

Also, enemies can now drop powerups.  The player can hold up to two powerups at a time, and can level up each powerup by grabbing multiple of the same type:


Now that Ninja Outbreak is finished, I’m doing something which I haven’t done in a while: quickly make a small game.  I’m not quite ready to get into the details, but it will probably be well on its way to being done by next week’s update, so keep an eye out for that.  I’m hoping to get back into the rapid development habit for side projects while I’m working on Cold Vengeance.

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