Sunday Update #2 – Early Level Design

I have spent much of this week planning, outlining and blocking levels for Cold Vengeance.  The process roughly mirrors the process I used for Venusian Vengeance (which I wrote about in my Level Design Primer series)

I have a rough outline of the overall game.  This includes the level order, environment types, which enemies get introduced in which levels, stuff like that.  I have more detailed outlines of about a third of the levels.  From there, I’ve begun blocking a few of the levels.  I’ve been spreading out the levels I block, so I get the feel for each environment type.  So far I’ve done rough passes on 2 city levels, a canyon level, and some preliminary work on a forest level.

Here’s an image of an in-progress level.

Cold Vengeance Level Blocking



One of the reasons I decided to do one of the canyon levels so early on is it highlights the game’s verticality, so I wanted to get a feel for designing levels with multiple teirs that the player can move between.

Cold Vengeance 7


I’ve also been working on more enemies, including this Gun Turtle here:


As well as some environment models.  As I mentioned in the last post, I’m using a combination of modeling the overall shape of the level, and also modeling objects which will be placed within the level.  Here are some pieces that I can use to build ruins:


Meanwhile, on the Ninja Outbreak front, I’ve been continuing to test the game, get other people to test the game, and tweak and fix accordingly.  Don’t forget to vote for it on Steam Greenlight:


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