Sunday Update #1: Cold Vengeance

I’ve decided to start trying to post a weekly update with what I’ve been working on.  And, since I just announced a new game, this seemed like a good time to start.

For a little while now, I’ve been working on a sequel to Venusian Vengeance/Remake of Cold Vengeance called, naturally, Cold Vengeance (The less we acknowledge the original Cold Vengeance the better).  For those of your fortunate enough not to have played Cold Vengeance in its original flash incarnation, it follows Jon Dagger battling the forces of Canada through a bombed-out America.

The new Cold Vengeance will be a 3D Run ‘n’ Gun.  Basically, I’m going for something somewhere in between a third person shooter and a “Sin And Punishment” style rail shooter.

Here are some GIFs:

ColdVengeanceDrones ColdVengeanceExplosions2

In addition to the (hopefully) weekly updates I will be posting here, there will be smaller, more frequent updates in the DevLog on the TIGSource Forums which you can follow here:

Meanwhile, I have been putting the finishing touches on Ninja Outbreak, which will be coming out September 20th.  You can watch the most recent trailer here:


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