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Design Musings: Hang on to you Ego

Megaman is a brilliant game.  I say this unclouded by nostalgia;  I only seriously played the game a few years ago.  There are a lot of incredible things to take away from the game, its level design, its enemy design… … Continue reading

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Opinion: Do We Really Need a Half Life 3?

Half Life 3 is probably the longest anticipated game since Duke Nukem Forever. The internets are constantly ablaze with people asking when Valve is going to get off their asses and make Half Life 3 already. But I’m gonna be … Continue reading

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Flight of the Data-Thief Standalone Version

You can now Pay-What-You-Want (min. $1) for the standalone version of Flight of the Data-Thief.  The standalone version contains some improvements over the web version, including saving/loading, controller support and full screen.  The standalone version also comes with the soundtrack.

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