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New Game: Lox

Lox is an arcadey hybrid of Platformer and SHMUP.  You must run and jump along the ground while battling flying foes. >Play it Here<

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Mechanic Puzzles vs. Narrative Puzzles

Most definitions of games will say something to the effect of “an interactive system of rules with a goal”. You have some sort of win condition you’re tying to achieve or at least a lose condition you’re trying to avoid, … Continue reading

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RS Pilot DevLog #1: Enemy design

Working in 3D for Renegade Sector Pilot has introduced a whole new set of challenges in terms of enemy design.  Especially since this is a rail-shooter, meaning enemies can move fairly freely in 3d space and aren’t confined to a … Continue reading

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Next time on Tales of the Renegade Sector…

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Preview: Renegade Sector Pilot

Working on a 3D rail-shooter as a way to get better at both Unity and 3D modeling.  It’s currently early in development, but here’s how it looks so far:

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Getting Lost in Games

One of the feelings that I think games are especially good at evoking is the fear of getting lost. The idea that you’ve made one to many wrong turns, and now you don’t know how to find your way back. … Continue reading

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Venusian Vengeance Commentary Part 9

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