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When to Start Level Design

When designing a game, there’s always that question of “when should I start designing levels?” This is something I’ve had to deal with a lot, since level design is my favorite part of the development process. When I was getting … Continue reading

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Leveling Systems

I wanted to go in depth with a set of mechanics known as Leveling Systems. I feel that Leveling systems are one of the more misunderstood game dynamics, and I think that misunderstanding derives from the belief that, in a … Continue reading

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Venusian Vengeance Commentary Parts 7 + 8

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Why I Like Short Games

When I released Venusian Vengeance, one of the complaints I got was about the length. The game only took a few hours to beat, they said. There are two reasons that the game is the length it is. One is … Continue reading

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How Games Don’t Know What They Are and Why This is a Good Thing

Games have something of an identity crisis going on. I can’t count how many design discussions I’ve seen where the subject is what games are supposed to be. Are games art? Are games a storytelling medium? Should games be all … Continue reading

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Venusian Vengeance Commentary Part 6

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Preview: Lox

Decided I’d kick off the new year with a small arcadey game since it’s been a long time since I’ve made one of those.  It’s been even longer since I’ve made a platformer.    The game is a kind of … Continue reading

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