New(ish) Tumblr, New(ish) Project

So, a couple of updates.  First of all, the Venusian Vengeance sponsorship process is going much more slowly than anticipated.  There’s a chance that, if the game doesn’t get a suitable sponsorship, I will expand it a bit and try to sell it via digital distribution.

With that out of the way, I’ve started actually updating my Tumblr.  For those of you who Tumbl (is that the correct term?) it can be found here:  I’ll use it for posting devLog type posts as well as to talk about games I’ve played and movies I’ve watched, or whatever I care to talk about.  I’ll keep this blog reserved for more long form articles, design musings, and infrequent updates and announcements about my games (pretty much as it is now).

On that Tumblr, you may see that I’ve started a small project in Unity.  It’s an expanded remake of one of the first games I ever released online.  I’ll be trying to post fairly frequent updates on the project there, so keep an eye out on that if you want to keep track of me slowly learning Unity.

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