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Design Musings – On Game Structure

This is an issue that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about of late.  A large percentage of games, both independent and mainstream, follow only a few basic game structures.  There’s the linear “do A, do B, do C” structure, and … Continue reading

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Vampire Jetpack Released

I’ve just released a new game called Vampire Jetpack. Vampire Jetpack is a one-button arcade-style flash game.  It’s something of a remake of a game I made a while back called Onward Jetpack. The Vampire Jetpack runs on the energy … Continue reading

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Venusian Vengeance Trailer

I’ve just released a trailer for my upcoming game Venusian Vengeance. Venusian Vengeance is a top-down run ‘n’ gun on communist controlled Venus.  Venusian Vengeance is  something of a prequel to Cold Vengeance. You can follow the development of the … Continue reading

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