I’ve got a few new games in the works.  The first two here are either finished or close to finished, and are currently waiting for sponsorship.

The first is Vampire Jetpack.  Vampire Jetpack is essentially a new version of my old game Onward Jetpack, but with some significant changes.  The game is now a one-button game, with the character your jetpack is attached to determining your shooting pattern.

The second is Ninja the Explorer.  In this game, you have to get from the south-east corner of an island to the north-west corner.   Most rooms give you a choice to exit by either the north or west, meaning there are many paths to the end, and you can’t see them all in one play-through.


Finally is a larger project I’ve been working on with an artist.  A prequel to Cold Vengeance called Venusian Vengeance.  The Russians have won the space-race and set up science stations on Venus.  You are sent to Venus to infiltrate the stations and discover the secret weapon the Communists are working on.

I’ve also got some ideas rolling around for Renegade Sector episodes, but I’ve been focusing most of my energy on other projects as I’ve found them more interesting and want to avoid getting burned out on Renegade Sector episodes.


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