Ninja the Explorer Preview – Huts

In my last post, one of the games I mentioned is Ninja the Explorer: A game of exploration where most rooms give you an option to go either north or west, leading you to choose one of many paths through the game world.

When a game goes on FlashGameLicence for sponsorship, there’s a lot of waiting involved.  Waiting to get pre-reviewed, waiting to get approved for sponsor viewing, waiting for bids, ect…  Knowing this, I decided to use that time to my advantage in Ninja the Explorer.  When I first posted it up to FGL, it was essentially a complete game.  You could play from beginning to end, there was the full island that you had to carve a path through to get to the final boss. However, I’ve been spending the time since then adding extra stuff to the game.  Shortcuts, hidden passageways and helpful NPCs.

One of the main additions are huts.  Scattered around the island are huts.  Like the rest of the game, you enter from the south of the hut, and can only exit by the north.  Some huts are as simple as containing an NPC that could give you some information on the island.  Some contain hidden areas and potential dangers.  I essentially wanted the huts to be an extra level of choice.  Now in addition to “do I go north or do I go west”, there’s also “do I enter that hut and see what’s inside.”


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