The Adventures of Space Captain McCallery Part 3

And now for the conclusion of our look back at the Space Captain McCallery series.  This one actually leads directly into the plot of Tales of the Renegade Sector, with the events happening roughly in parallel with those of Episode 1.  Here we see the planet The Captain is off galavanting on while Mark Two-Blasters reacquaints himself with civilization at Zarlek Spaceport.

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Plot Summary:

The captain begins exploring the planet of Tarak IV.  The planet appears to the Captain as an idyllic paradise, with giant turquoise rocks, trees with blue leaves swaying in the wind, and seas of lava.  He also found robots patrolling the area.  There was a large Turquoise temple with a sealed door.  The door had a slot for a sword and a shield carved into it.  As The Captain explored the world, he found the Turquoise Sword and the Turquoise Shield and used them to unlock he door to the temple.  Inside, he found what appeared to be a empty room.  However, when he ate a hallucinogenic mushroom that was growing from the ground, he was able to see a portal, which he disappeared through.

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