The Adventures of Space Captain McCallery Part 2

We continue are look back on the Space Captain McCallery games with Part 2, wherein The Captain reunites with his old friend Mark Two-Blasters (who you have been playing as in Tales of the Renegade Sector).  This is my personal favorite of the episodes, and I feel I accomplished most of what I set out to do with it.  There are plenty of secrets to uncover in this one.

Once again, there will be a plot summary after the jump.

Download Space Captain McCallery #2

Plot Summary:

Now that his ship is repaired, The Captain sets out to rebuild his crew.  His old weaponmaster, Mark Two-Blasters, is hiding out on a planet filled with dinosaurs.  He’s been there since he left The Captain’s crew over disagreements with a female crew-member named Sara.  However, since The Captain’s old crew, including Sara, are gone, The Captain figures Mark Two-Blasters will rejoin his crew.  However, Mark Two-Blasters needs to test any ship coming to meet him before he’ll consent to join, so he leaves his cave to get himself “kidnapped” by a dragon that lives in a nearby volcano.  Once the captain fights the dragon, Mark agrees to rejoin the crew.




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