The Adventures of Space Captain McCallery Part 1

In the first episode, a certain Space Captain was mentioned.  But who is Space Captain McCallery?  Take a trip back down memory lane, kiddos, and play the series that came before Tales of the Renegade Sector.  When we first met The Captain, he had been abandoned by his crew, and left in an escape-pod to crash into an alien planet.  The game is downloadable, and Windows only.  For those who don’t have a Windows computer, or are just lazy, there will be a plot summary of Captain McCallery #1 after the jump.

Download Space Captain McCallery #1

Plot Summary:

The captain crash lands on an alien planet.  The world he lands on has giant arching stone structures and is infested with spiders and giant angry flying creatures.  Eventually he finds what appears to be a ruined temple.  After fighting a giant stone head, The Captain discovers a lone robot sitting on a throne.  The Robot explains (rather sarcastically), that this was not, in fact, a temple, but rather a Robot Factory built by a long-dead race.  The robot was (conveniently) trained in repair, piloting and (inconveniently) sarcasm.  The Captain made the creative decision of naming the robot “Robot” and set around to repairing his ship.








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