Preview: Tales of the Renegade Sector

Tales of the Renegade Sector is a new series of episodic web-games.  They are action-adventure games in a science fiction setting.  The series proper will begin in a month’s time.  In the mean time, I will be posting development updates as well as my downloadable “Space Captain McCallery” series, which introduces the characters that will be in Tales of the Renegade Sector and will act as a prologue (While Tales of the Renegade Sector will be in flash, and thus cross platform, the original Space Captain McCallery are unfortunately windows only).  I will also be posting text summaries of those three prologue episodes so people can know the plot in preparation for Tales of the Renegade Sector.


The alliance spread from their collective homeworlds and conquered a great portion of the galaxy, ruling with rigid law and order.  However, where law and order prevail, there are those who seek a freer life.  And thus the Renegade Sector was born.  A large portion of the galaxy is out of Alliance control.  Here, the only law is Do As Thou Wilt.  Space Pirates roam the stars, corporations without restrictions battle and back-stab over planetary resources, and those with money will hire mercenaries to protect themselves.  The Alliance dares not make a military move against the Renegade Sector, as that is the only thing that could possibly unify all the diverse factions at play there.  Because of the nature of the Renegade Sector, many citizens of the Alliance (generally the adventurous, thrill-seeking or just criminal) leave to live in the Renegade sector.

Preview Screenshots

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